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Serenade is coming to Comixology.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, there comes a time where your inner child gets to jump for glee, because you have reached a mile stone that you thought was impossible when you were so small.

This time I am referring to specifically is, and I refuse to bury the lead here at all...

Serenade Issue #1 is now on Comixology!

Okay, well it's actually tomorrow that Serenade will be officially up there, due to the United States/Australian time difference. None the less this is a huge milestone that my millennial brain couldn't imagine not posting about and sharing with all my family and friends on my various social medias. 

I don't want to break this down for too long and bore the instant gratification culture. However this is a huge Milestone for me. 

So even though I've decided to also sell Serenade Issue #1 on my website as well, the fact that my book (and hopefully subsequent additional chapters), is on not only the number one digital comic books platform, but the place I used to scroll through, read my comics on and dream that "maybe one day I'll have one of my books on here too".

Now this may seem minute in comparison to the huge world we live in, I can't help but think to myself as I sit here listening to The Pharcyde's, "Passin' Me By", how that title is just perfect for how I'm feeling. For if I don't celebrate the small victories, Life will just be "Passin' Me By"    

So please on the 21st of September, if you have an Amazon account, go to the link below and purchase Serenade Issue #1 and get lost in this world I have created.




Serenade #1 is out now!

Serenade #1 is out now!

Jordan Morpeth